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A Message to Freedom Fighters

To those who cherish freedom and liberty, and to those who are tired of politics as usual at the statehouse, I submit to you that we have a wonderful opportunity with this upcoming primary election.  While many people look at a three way race as a pass for the incumbent, we have an entirely different situation here.  This is not a case where an established politician is challenged my multiple outsiders; instead, both of my opponents are established politicians and I am the only outsider.  If my opponents split the establishment vote, I stand a better chance of being elected.  I humbly ask for your assistance in making that happen.  We need to seize this opportunity and take advantage of it.  Much of what happens in politics is the result of public perception.  Please use your influence to shape that perception.  I know that I cannot promise the implementation of a single one of my ideas if I were to be elected since I would most likely be outvoted; however, what I can promise is that I will do all in my power to effect change.  I cannot be bought; I will not fall in with the status quo; I will not compromise.  I have been viciously attacked for my positions, the subject of derision across this entire nation, but I have the will and the courage to continue the fight.  I am ready to help ignite not only brush fires of freedom in the minds of men, but a firestorm of true liberty at the state capitol.