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What is your experience/occupation?

Software Developer

Do you support full implementation of the 20 recommendations from the education task force? If so, how do you recommend raising the $350 million required to implement the recommendations? Be specific.

I do not support any of them because they are all made relative to an acceptance of public education.  If we truly care about the quality of education, we need to understand that public funding and control is the problem, not the solution.  We need to recognize and support the God-given responsibility of parents to educate their children by returning public education back to the private sector.  I have a plan to do that.

Do you think the Legislature fulfills the state’s obligations for supporting K-12 public education? What would you do differently as a lawmaker?

The constitution of the state of Idaho states that it is the duty of the legislature to establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.  We need to realize that this provision is simply the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto, and needs to be repealed.  I would introduce legislation to accomplish this.

What is your position on the new Idaho Core Standards for teaching and learning?

I oppose Common Core, as I do all measures that provide government control over the education of our children.

The tests aligned to Idaho Core Standards are expected to take six hours or more to complete. How important are these assessments? How should Idaho measure student achievement and hold schools and districts accountable?

I do not agree with standardized testing, and do not believe the state should have any role in testing our children.

Legislators and educators have debated increasing pre-kindergarten offerings. Do you support the state making a financial investment in early childhood education?

No, I oppose all attempts for government control over our children, and find it disturbing that this control is sought at increasingly earlier ages.