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Is there any difference between Lodge and Kren?

Both of my challengers in the primary race have voting records.  I thought it would be useful to see if there was any substantial difference between them.  For my research, I went back and analyzed the 2010 legislative session, the latest session where Patti Anne Lodge served as a state senator at the same time Steve Kren served as a state representative.

The results-- less than a 5% difference, which I would consider to be statistically insignificant if one is trying to set themselves apart.  With some 356 bills passed into law that year, and 45 resolutions, memorials, and proclamations adopted, one would think that there might be significantly more room for legitimate disagreement.

Patti Anne Lodge gets the distinction of the one who just can't seem to find the "No" button.  Her otherwise flawless approval of all bills passed is marred only by a single "nay" vote.

Steve Kren gets the distinction of not being able to find a button at all.  He was missing in action for a shocking number of votes.

If you are happy with our state government and believe that it reflects your values, then the minor difference between Lodge's near 100% record and Kren's 95% record for approving legislation should make for a pretty tough decision.  They both represent the reason we find ourselves in the situation that we are in.

On the other hand, if you feel that your liberties are being trampled and that government has overstepped it's bounds, then there is a clear choice.  In stark contrast to my two opponents, I would have had no trouble in finding the "No" button.  If you seek a serious change in direction for our state government, then I am the only candidate offering a real choice.