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Cornerstone Family Council

2014 Cornerstone Candidate Questionnaire (

Do you Support or Oppose the following Statements?

1.  Religious Freedom: Religious Freedom is expressly protected in the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. Idaho citizens should not be forced to choose between making a living and exercising their Constitutional rights.


2.  Religious Liberty: Passing the strongest possible legal protection for religious liberties and rights of conscience from government coercion or intrusion.


3.  Abortion: Human rights begin in the womb. Abortion should be illegal except in rare instances to save the life of the mother.

Support - The individual right to life, upon which all other rights are based, should be secured from conception.

4.  Abortion: Requiring a physician to be present at all abortions, chemical or surgical.

Oppose - This is completely unnecessary, especially if abortion is recognized as murder, as it should be.

5.  Marriage: Marriage in Idaho should be honored and protected as the union of one man and one woman.

Support - I am opposed to the state issuing marriage licenses; instead, I would support the recording of marriage certificates.

6.  Marriage: Idaho’s legislature and its citizens voted overwhelmingly in 2006 defining marriage in our state Constitution. The U.S. Constitution permits us to do so.


7.  Patient’s Rights: Protecting the right to life from conception until natural death. Giving patients’ wishes priority in care decisions.


8.  Healthcare: Requiring the federally-mandated health insurance purchased by all individuals in Idaho comply with all Idaho state laws.

Oppose - The state exchange should be repealed and the federal mandate should be nullified by the legislature.  Also, state laws regarding insurance should be repealed to allow for a free market exchange.

9.  Home Education: Permitting students taught at home to be free from state required registration or testing.

Support - Students should not have to get permission from the government.  Parents should be free from all government control over the education of their children.

10.  Business Freedom: Preventing business owners from being coerced into operating in a manner that is offensive to their religious principles and practices.


11.  Common Core: Idaho should reconsider its decision adopting the Common Core State Standards.


12.  Tax Policy: Funding budget shortfalls is best accomplished by cutting government spending.


13.  Immigration: Denial of amnesty for illegal immigrants.