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Collett serves demand to election officials

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Greg Collett recorded an Affidavit and Demand for Disqualification and served that demand at the Canyon County Elections office.  Copies are being sent via certified mail to Ben Ysursa, Idaho Secretary of State, and Chris Yamamoto, Canyon County Clerk.

The affidavit states Collett's legal standing under Idaho Code 34-215 and outlines specific charges against Patti Anne Lodge, Chris Yamamoto, and Ben Ysursa.  Collett is specifically demanding that the secretary of state revoke the certification of candidacy for Patti Anne Lodge, and that the county clerk cancel the current voter registration of Patti Anne Lodge.

Lodge has been living in District 10 since 2011, waiting for a new home to be built on her property in District 11 after her former home was donated and removed from the property.  The secretary of state certified her candidacy in District 11, stating that her situation is covered by law as a temporary situation.  Collett maintains that Lodge's property does not meet the definition of "Residence" as provided for in law, therefore, she does not meet the constitutional requirement to be on the ballot.

Collett stated that his purpose at this time is to seek administrative action to resolve the concerns; however, he is prepared to take the issue to district court, if needed.

View the Affidavit and Demand for Disqualification.