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Collett enters challenge to Lodge in the election register

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Greg Collett formally challenged the entry of Patti Anne Lodge's name as it appeared in the election register, noting the reason as "does not live in the district". According to Idaho Code 34-431, any registered elector may challenge an entry in the election register at the time of any election. Collett had previously inquired at the election office about making a challenge during the early voting time period, but was informed that there was no practical way for that to occur. The software and method of record keeping simply did not provide for that scenario.

Patti Anne Lodge solved the dilemma unknowingly by going in to vote early, which caused her name to be printed in the election register. The elections office notified Collett, who was then able to go in and record the challenge. Collett was informed that the secretary of state had been consulted, and that their office had made a note to address the early voting challenge situation during the next legislative session.

When an entry is challenged in the election register, the county clerk is required to mail an inquiry to the challenged elector, who then has the option to respond. If the response does not satisfy the clerk, a hearing is scheduled so the challenged elector can present evidence of qualification. If the challenged elector fails to make the statement, or if the clerk determines at the conclusion of the hearing that the registration is not valid, the clerk is required to cancel the registration.

Lodge has been living in District 10 since 2011, waiting for a new home to be built on her property in District 11 after her former home was donated and removed from the property. The secretary of state certified her candidacy in District 11, stating that her situation is covered by law as a temporary situation. Collett maintains that Lodge's property does not meet the definition of "Residence" as provided for in law, therefore, she does not meet the constitutional requirement to be on the ballot.