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Candidate Comparison

 Greg Collett
Gregory L. Collett
Patti Anne Lodge
Patti Anne Lodge
1.  Lives in District 11
2.  Not supported by cronyism
3.  Opposes Obamacare
4.  Avoids conflicts of interest
5.  Rejects special interests
6.  Believes in limited government

1.  Patti Anne Lodge lives in District 10-- and has since 2011.  This means that she does not meet the Idaho constitutional qualification to be a state senator from District 11.  She could have chosen to remain in the district while her new home is being built, but did not do so.

2.  Patti Anne Lodge was certified by the Secretary of State to be on the ballot, aided by the inaction of the Canyon County Clerk.  They are willfully ignoring the fundamental basis of the definition of "Residence" in Idaho Code 34-107 to cover the situation.  All of them should be removed from office for violation of election laws.

3.  Patti Anne Lodge implemented the [Un]Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in Idaho by voting in favor of the state exchange (Ottercare).  Maybe it has something to do with her top industry contributors, Health Professionals (1), Insurance (2), Hospitals & Nursing Homes (4), Pharmaceuticals & Health Products (9).

4.  Patti Anne Lodge chairs the Judiciary and Rules Committee while her husband, Edward Lodge, serves as a U.S. District judge.  This arrangement prompted Idaho Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones to say, “They’ve got all the bases covered.” (The Spokesman-Review, July 7, 2013).  Apparently, Lodge does not see any conflict of interest, and even allowed SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 132 to go through her committee, which honors her husband, Judge Lodge, for fifty years of judicial service in Idaho.

5.  Patti Anne Lodge is beholden to special interests.  Below is a chart showing her top industry contributors from her last campaign (source

Top IndustriesTotal
Health Professionals$6,450
Forestry & Forest Products$2,750
Hospitals & Nursing Homes$2,600
Party Committees$2,576
Electric Utilities$2,550
Real Estate$2,500
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products$2,200
Electronics Manufacturing & Services$2,000
Farm Bureau$1,750
Beer, Wine & Liquor$1,650
Lawyers & Lobbyists$1,550
Telecom Services & Equipment$1,500

6.  Patti Anne Lodge just can't seem to say "No" to big government.  During this most recent legislative session there were some 400 bills, resolutions, and memorials passed.  Of those, Patti Anne Lodge opposed only one single bill.  This has been her pattern over the years.  Based on her voting record, it is clear that Patti Anne Lodge is directly responsible for the growth of government.  Also, the Idaho Freedom Foundation 2014 Freedom Index gave Patti Anne Lodge a score of -66, putting her towards the bottom of the list, in the company of liberal Democrats: